Monthly Archives: March 2011

And the Sun Finally Makes An Appearance

Things look so much better with a little sunshine. This flock of Sandhill Cranes flew low over a Nebraska farm near the Platte River. It was getting near sunset and they were looking for a place to roost for the … Continue reading

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A Day Without Sunshine…but lots of Sandhill Cranes!

Sixth consecutive day without sunshine here along the Platte River in Nebraska but it doesn’t seem to be affecting the Sandhill Cranes. It is so amazing to follow them throughout the day starting before sunrise (usually in the fog), then … Continue reading

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Day Four Watching the Sandhill Cranes Dance!

Sandhill Cranes are known for their beautiful dancing and high leaps. I watched several pairs perform this amazing ritual in the cornfields around the Platte River today. The cranes performed stunning leaps, expanded and flapped their wings and tossed sticks … Continue reading

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