Monthly Archives: December 2011

Back in New York Sorting Through Florida Photos

Closeup of an Anhinga along the aptly named Anhinga Trail in the southern Everglades. Closeup of a great Egret on Mrazek Pond near Flamingo Bay in the Everglades. The beautiful green eyes of an Anhinga in the Everglades. Three red-bellied … Continue reading

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Sunset in the Everglades

After a great day of photographing birds and hiking in the Everglades I took this sunset photo at one of my favorite spots. Tomorrow I will do some night photography here and hopefully get some good star trails.

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Tracking Down Purple Gallinules in the Everglades

I’ve been photographing in the Everglades for the past three years (usually in December) and have never been able to spot a Purple Gallinule. Today I got really lucky and saw three! I can’t tell you how exciting it was … Continue reading

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