Cape Alava, Olympic National Park, Washington State

Hiking trail down to Cape Alava, Olympic National Park, Washington State. This trail alternated between slippery boardwalks at the start, deep mud, knee-crunching steep sections and then as a reward near the end, these fern-lined, pine needle-covered carpets of softness. On my hikes in Olympic National Park I was so thankful for my Nikon Z mirrorless camera which weighs a lot less than my Nikon D5 or Nikon D850!

I was sitting on a log on the beach at Cape Alava resting after the long hike down to the beach, then more hiking along the very rocky beach at low tide trying to find the petroglyphs my brother told me about. All of a sudden I heard some sweet sounding bird I didn’t recognize calling behind me. I turned around to see this female Sooty Grouse perched on a log calling her three chicks who were underneath the log. I love these unexpected inspirational moments nature provides just when you think you’re too exhausted to go on!

Female Sooty Grouse perched on log in the grass on Cape Alava Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington State

View of Ozette Island, the westernmost point of land in the continental United States, from the hiking trail to Cape Alava, Olympic National Park, Washington State. Ozette Island is considered sacred to the Makah Indians.

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