Sandhill Crane Migration 2015, Kearney, Nebraska

The first time I came out to Kearney, Nebraska for the annual Sandhill Crane migration was in March of 2011. I remember being astonished at how many birds there were in the sky at sunrise and sunset each day. I spent hours in the cold, wind, rain, occasional sunshine and snow waiting for the beautiful morning light to light up the Sandhill Cranes as they roosted on the sandbars of the Platte River. As the sun rose and warmed things up I watched as thousands of cranes took flight in small groups of two or three, and sometimes massive groups of hundreds of birds at a time. When I returned to the Platte in 2012 I came back armed with a new Nikon 600mm lens that allowed me to focus on individual birds in flight. I was also able to see more of the cranes dancing in the corn fields surrounding the Platte River. I had to miss last March’s migration because I was working as a photographer for the Mayor of New York City and was busy photographing political birds. So it was with great pleasure that I headed out to Kearney, Nebraska this year to photograph these most beautiful birds. With each sunrise and sunset I continue to marvel at the Sandhill Cranes. I listen to their unique calls as I photograph and it is like I’m hearing the cranes for the first time. Two years ago I shot a lot of video and time lapse video. I shot some video this year but I mostly focused on the large gathering of birds on the sandbars. I will be adding more photos to this blog as I sort through the thousands that I took. I hope you enjoy the photographs, but even more, I hope that one day you too will be able to see and hear the Sandhill Cranes in person.

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