Nikhila Narra and Greg Davis’ Hindu Wedding Ceremony, Dallas, Texas

I was lucky enough to meet Nikhila in Santa Fe, New Mexico seven years ago when we both took a National Geographic photo workshop with Bill Allard at the Santa Fe Photography Workshop. We both struck up what turned out to be a lasting friendship with Bill and his wife, Ani and each other. I loved Nikki’s enthusiasm and wide range of interests and activities. We both visited Bill and Ani out in Missoula, Montana and photographed together at the Arlee Powwow Esyapqeyni Celebration. Over the years Nik and I both ended up moving to Florida — Nik to Key West, me to the Gulf Coast. It was fun keeping up with all of Nik’s new interests including starting a winery and moving to Dallas, Texas. When she called me several months ago and asked me to photograph her wedding to Greg Davis I was so happy for them both and readily agreed even though I am not a wedding photographer. Somehow Nik trusted me and said she wanted “my kind” of photos of her wedding. So after the hurricanes and my trip to Grand Teton National Park and Rocky Mountain National Park I headed down to Dallas for my first Hindu wedding ceremony. It was exciting! Nik and Greg’s families were the nicest people you would ever want to meet. I have never been to a nicer wedding.

Portrait of Nikki just before the wedding ceremony

Drummer during the Baraat

Greg riding the elephant during the Baraat.

Greg and Nikki just before the ceremony

Starr and Ryan dancing in the streets of Dallas

Dancing in the streets of downtown Dallas

Greg switching from riding the elephant to riding in a Ferrari during the Baraat

The exchange of rings during the ceremony with both sets of parents on the podium

The Hindu ceremony

Greg and Nikki and the rice!

Nik and her father at the rehearsal dinner

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