Yaquina Head Lighthouse near Newport, Oregon

I spent the afternoon photographing the tide pools at low tide below the Yaquina Head Lighthouse near Newport, Oregon. There were lots of things to see including seals and many nesting birds: Common murres, cormorants, Harlequin ducks, Black Oystercatchers and chicks as well as several types of gulls.

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The Milky Way and Meteors over Cape Arago State Park, Oregon

The Milky Way and meteors over Cape Arago State Park, Oregon

I photographed the sunset from the cliffs at Cape Arago State Park in Oregon. Then I settled in and waited for it to turn dark. The skies were clear and I was very hopeful that the Milky Way would be visible over the shore in a few hours. The was no one else around so I felt very lucky to have this spot to myself. Finally, the first few stars started to appear along with Jupiter and Antares. The sky still clear although I could see some low lying clouds near the opposite shore. I took some test shots during the Blue Hour and hoped for the best. The Milky Way appeared on the horizon and I took several more shots. It was just starting to rise perfectly into my framed shot when all of a sudden fog and clouds rolled in! I couldn’t believe it. In another twenty minutes the Milky Way would have been lined up perfectly for my shot. I settled for this shot and packed up to head back to my campsite. Although I was a bit disappointed not to get the shot I came for I was satisfied that I had captured the rising Milky Way along with several meteors so early in the night. I’m learning to adjust my expectations concerning the Oregon coast weather.

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Happy Summer Solstice!

Sunset with seagull silhouette on Bandon Beach, Oregon

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