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Memorial Day Weekend in Valentine, Nebraska

After having nothing but great weather in Utah I finally ran into some amazing storms in Nebraska. In the past I’ve been in some terrific, nail-biting storms with huge hail, lightning, wind, rain and general mayhem that has scared me … Continue reading

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Toadstool Geological Park in Northwestern Nebraska

I wish I were a writer. I wish I could conjure up all manner of descriptive boldness to share some of what I experience when I travel with my cameras. I read Karl Ove Knausgaard and Douglas Brinkley (Rightful Heritage: … Continue reading

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Endangered Whooping Cranes on the Platte River, Nebraska

I saw my first endangered Whooping Crane several years ago on the Platte River in Nebraska when I was out photographing the migrating Sandhill Cranes as I do every March. It was pretty easy to spot because its white feathers … Continue reading

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